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C4CS® Partner Companies

Our Partner Companies provide a range of services and products in the areas of automated internet and media monitoring, business continuity software solutions, emergency notification and crisis management systems, environmental analysis, public affairs, and more. Several of our partner companies are listed below.

BC in the Cloud is a fully integrated Risk, BIA, Planning, and Recovery platform that is extremely easy to use and offers more features than any other existing planning tool. With simple drag and drop functionality, BC in the Cloud can easily be customized to meet client requirements immediately with no need for vendor assistance or custom development.

Clean Air Engineering, Inc. (CleanAir) is a full-service environmental consulting company that specializes in data-driven consultation for air quality management. This consultation approach is centered around finding engineering solutions to often complex measurement problems in the field of smoke stack emissions testing, air pollution control equipment optimization and ambient air monitoring.

At Compass, we drive organizational performance with proven human resources and business solutions. Our clients range from start-up organizations to Fortune 500's in industries such as health care, manufacturing, and technology. We also offer an array of outsourced human resources solutions. Our HR projects encompass all aspects of the employee life cycle. In addition, we work with our clients on business strategy and customer excellence.

Law firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations, and Government Agencies have a lot to protect and need accurate intelligence to make informed decisions. CSI’s specialized investigation experts have the experience to help you gain insight into any issue that may arise through corporate investigations, risk management, cyber security, background research, surveillance, and more. To learn more about CSI and our suite of corporate investigative capabilities, please visit us online.

The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR) provides professional development and training in areas including Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery. ICOR offers instructor-led in person, self-study and elearning courses. ICOR members receive valuable services and learn how to incorporate resilience into their management of people, places, infrastructure and work processes necessary to meet 21st century challenges.

MissionMode provides hosted technology services designed to facilitate quicker, more informed incident response and management.  MissionMode is currently in use by government agencies and private organizations.  It has been proven to reduce the time between knowing about an urgent situation and resolving it.  MissionMode is in operation at a number of Fortune 500 firms in the USA and Europe.

SIGwatch is a global network that monitors activists and NGOs and tracks current and emerging issues. Since 1997, the company has published the now widely read SIGwatch newsletter on global activism. SIGwatch also conducts bespoke NGO and issues monitoring for a variety of clients and has completed multi-conuntry NGO and issue analysis and forecasting studies for companies in the banking, pharmaceutical, energy, chemicals, and other sectors.

Suite 1000 provides 24x7 call center services for crisis communications, customer service and marketing support. We work with clients in need of additional telephone coverage for emergency situations that may happen unexpectedly or after-hours, projects that will temporarily increase call volume, and overflow calls during peak periods of the business day. Suite 1000 provides telephone assistance on demand so its clients do not have to make investments in more people, equipment, or phone lines to handle increased call volume.

Water & Wall Group, which is based in New York City, is a communications and content development firm focused on raising the awareness of companies in the financial, energy, and legal sectors. Among the firm’s key areas of concentration are marketing support, branding, rebranding, media relations, corporate materials development and design, and reputation management.