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An accomplished toxicology expert and former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Director, Frank Mink, M.En., PhD has significant experience in a broad range of environmental health policy and safety, disease causation and exposure, as well as waste disposal best practices. He has led or participated in over 100 litigation cases, testified before Congress on science integrity, and served on the Science Advisory Board through three Administrations.

Dr. Mink is frequently consulted for his expertise and guidance by the national media, including CNN, NBC, and others. For over 40 years, his vast knowledge has contributed to government regulations, public policy, patent development, and other toxicological subjects.

In 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement acknowledged Dr. Mink’s exceptional expert assistance in criminal cases involving opioids. And in 2020, the Department of Justice also honored his service for outstanding, expert service in environmental cases. Other recognition includes his work in carcinogen exposure as well as his work in the development of national risk policy documents. Dr. Mink has been listed as one of the top risk assessment experts in the country and was offered the first Senior Environmental Science Advisor position with Region V in early 1988.

Internationally, Dr. Mink has worked with the World Health Organization, appearing in the media as a Science Advisory Board member. He was nominated for the President’s Citizen’s Award in January 2010 and has earned numerous awards such as being the only two-time Distinguished Alumni in the University of Cincinnati’s 186-year history and the Templeton Prize, in 2005, regarding environmental cancer research. A prolific author, Dr. Mink has authored over 300 publications and developed more than 20 technical patents. A resident of Cincinnati, he brings specialized experience and expertise to the C4CS® team.