C4CS® - Leaders in Strategic Communication and Crisis Management

As the pressure on corporations and its representatives to thoroughly explain their motives and actions to stakeholders continues to rise, and because career advancement increasingly depends on whether an executive consistently displays the ability to lead through communicating in the necessary manner, more and more executives are looking for expert advice on how to improve their communication skills and navigate the social media landscape.

C4CS® has developed and successfully implemented a variety of methods for coaching corporate leaders in regard to all aspects of executive communication. We work with our client partners in such areas as public speaking, interpersonal and group communication, listening techniques, overcoming communication apprehension, conducting effective meetings, message analysis and development, vocal and physical delivery, and communicating under pressure.

Our personalized executive communication coaching approach includes a confidential assessment interview followed by at least three main sessions with the executive. The overarching goal is to not only improve skills, but also to boost communication self-confidence and leadership skills.

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