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In a world of instant global communication and an increasingly complex and quickly changing business environment, a company’s ability to correctly anticipate and proactively influence stakeholder opinion and behavior is key to its long-term success. In light of these challenges issues management has become an indispensable tool for preventing corporate crises and achieving competitive advantages.

Today a growing number of companies around the world apply proven Issues Management strategies and tactics geared at systematically identifying potential and current issues, altering their evolution, and thereby changing internal and external business environments in their favor. As a result, issues management has become an integral part of corporate strategic planning, but is commonly spearheaded by corporate communication.

C4CS® has been guiding leading corporations in North America, Europe and Asia in their efforts to develop, implement and continuously improve a customized Issues Management program for many years. Our six-step Issues Management process is successfully utilized by international client partners which realize that aligning organizational goals and activities with stakeholder expectations not only protects and enhances brand equity and reputation, but ultimately also results in a more profitable business.

C4CS® Issues Management Process

  1. Early Identification and Monitoring of Potential and Current Issues
  2. Issue Prioritization
  3. Detailed Issue and Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Formulation of Strategic Response Options
  5. Implementation of Selected Response Strategy
  6. Evaluation of Issue Status and Process Efficiency & Learning

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