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When it comes to effective external messaging, it is of course vital to build strong relationships with the media. In order to accomplish this goal it is essential to establish and maintain positive relationships with media representatives when times are good so the mutual trust and familiarity can positively influence media coverage in more challenging times.

C4CS® helps clients to understand the importance of media relations, to craft a strategic and tactical media relations approach that will achieve results, and to develop and utilize lasting relationships with individual reporters. We leverage proven techniques to help clients garner visibility and credibility with all types of traditional media and social media. The bottom line is to position our client partners to be looked upon as the go-to resource by journalists from print, radio, and television, as well as by bloggers and other social media content producers.

Our clients often tell us that having C4CS® take on critical media relations tasks not only makes their work easier, but it also results in an important increase in positive media attention. We are happy to hear it, continue to listen carefully, and remain determined to identify how we can best provide customized media relations solutions to our client partners.  

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