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Studies from countries around the world show an increasing reliance on skilled and savvy media spokespersons. Companies, trade groups, professional organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations now recognize that representing themselves before the media takes a lot more than marginal skills. Spokespersons must not only speak and think well on their feet, but they must also keep pace with the dizzying amount of information from the Internet to global television news.

C4CS® integrates the latest media technologies and trends in its media skills and spokesperson training. From "live talkback" coaching to simulated news conferences and interviews with bloggers, our team of seasoned mentors gently builds individual skills in a highly supportive and contemporary style. We often work with clients who tell us about their uneasiness when it comes to facing the media. Our trainers and executive coaches believe in skills-building through repeated practice and empowering client partners to conduct effective interviews no matter whether the questions are coming from print, broadcast, or social media.

Our team works with individuals and groups. From message assessment and development to critical verbal and non-verbal communication skills development, C4CS® media skills and spokesperson workshops are at the forefront of what your organization needs to enhance its representation before the media. All of our group training and one-on-one media and spokesperson skills coaching are also available online. An article about "Media training in focus - 10 tips for developing effective spokespersons" includes advice that is applicable across industries and geographies. 

C4CS® is offering Media Skills & Spokesperson Training in partnership with Point Park University's Center for Media Innovation (CMI). A 4,000-square-foot facility that features state-of-the-art multimedia and broadcasting production studios and equipment, our team is utilizing the space to prepare managers and spokespersons for interviews with print, radio, and television reporters, as well as with bloggers. A Pittsburgh Business Times article about the partnership and the training services we offer can be accessed via this link. In addition, a high-resolution tri-fold brochure and a lower-resolution flier that provide details concerning our media skills and spokesperson training at the Center for Media Innovation are available for secure download via Dropbox. 

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