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Companies spend a lot of resources to build their brands and corporate reputation. In fact, the difference between the book value and the market value of a company is directly attributable to brand equity and reputation. There is also a high correlation between an organization’s culture, its brand, and its reputation. All three must be preserved and managed, particularly in times of crisis.

Protecting and enhancing the organization’s reputation must necessarily be the foundation upon which crisis readiness plans are built. With an understanding of the value proposition, culture and internal as well as external brand, companies must ensure that preserving their reputation is front and center in all aspects of the preparedness planning strategy and especially when experiencing a crisis.

There must be no disconnects between an organization’s stated mission and core values when compared to how crises are managed with respect to all stakeholders. There should be a consistent thread from these statements on the business, the components and processes of crisis response plans, and the key messages that are conveyed when responding to a crisis.

At C4CS®, we advise our clients to focus on their brand and reputation as a core competency of the business. It is central to long-term economic success as well as the efficacy of crisis readiness.

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